Nalamana Tamizhagam

Government of Tamil Nadu’s Diabetes and Hypertension Prevention Initiative


  • “Nalamana Tamizhagam” is an initiative of Government of Tamil Nadu which aims to screen the population and identifying the risk factors in the rural populations in Tamil Nadu. This is attained through health promotion, behaviour change in the community.
  • State Non Communicable Disease Cell working in State Health society, Tamil Nadu has designed this programme which will be implemented by the Directorate of Public Health & Preventive Medicine. The total budget outlay for this programme is Rs.5.76 crores.
  • A Non Communicable Disease risk scoring using “ ENN SCORE” will help us to device effective screening strategies to unmask hidden burden of the disease.
  • Free State wide Adult NCD risk profiling (above 30 years) and screening for diabetes and hypertension in rural Population of Tamilnadu covering 1.2 crore families.
  • 1 village volunteer per 50 houses with the total of 2.35 lakhs Village Level Volunteers are engaged for risk profiling of the community using “ ENN SCORE” from 29.11.10 to 3.12.10.
  • Individuals obtaining less than 30 Score will be advised to attend the village level screening camps conducted by Village Health Nurse & Health Inspector.
  • Village Health Nurse & Health Inspector conduct village level camps on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday covering village by village from 9.12.10 to 31.01.11. The Village Health Nurse & Health Inspector are provided with Electronic BP apparatus and Glucometer.
  • Identified cases are entered into a Primary Health Centre based registry and subjected to further management as per the protocols.