Under the SUMAN initiative, all Pregnant Women/Newborns visiting public health facilities areentitled to a set of free services. However, since all services cannot be provided at all facilities, eachhealth facility is expected to notify the service guarantee package on the basis of their currentresources and service availability with measures put in place to reach 100% of the expected servicestandards for the level of that facility. The packages under SUMAN has been divided into Basic, BEmONC and CEmONC for both maternal and newborn services.

Steps for Operationalizing Service Guarantee Package

Each and every public health facility, including medical colleges and facilities in urban areas, isexpected to follow the following steps in order to operationalize the Service Guarantee Packageunder the initiative. The responsibility of ensuring this lies with the State and District Health Administration.

  • Identification of facilities under SUMAN.
  • Self Assesssment by the facilities.
  • Notification of the suman facilities by the district /state authority once they find the assessment to be satisfactory.
  • District administration to ensurefacilities provide SUMAN service packages and propogate it through citizen charter, website ,mass media.
  • List of suman facilities to be shared and displayed at Panchayat, Zila parisad, WCD, NRLM, Health facilities including AB-HWC etc
  • .
  • Link SUMAN identified facilities through online and IT enabled system.
  • Monitor and review every six months and accordingly notify the revised list of facilities.


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Line listing of SUMAN Notification Facilities

SUMAN CEmONC Package-Facilities

SUMAN BEmONC Package-Facilities

SUMAN Basic Package-Facilities