Name of the Activity :- To obtain Kayakalp Certification for all Hospitals

Back ground:

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign) launched on 2nd October 2014, focuses on promoting cleanliness in public spaces. Cleanliness and hygiene in hospitals are critical in preventing infections and also provide patients and visitors with a positive experience and encourages moulding behavior related to clean environment. As the first principle of healthcare is “to do no harm” it is essential to have all health care facilities clean and to ensure adherence to infection control practices.

To recognize such efforts of ensuring Quality Assurance at Government Health Facilities, the Government of India has launched a National Initiative to give Awards ‘KAYAKALP’ (Rejuvenating Public Health Care Facilities) in the year 2015 to the Government Health Facilities that demonstrate high levels of cleanliness, hygiene and infection control.

In Tamil Nadu, Kayakalp Award Programme being implemented in all Secondary Care and Primary Care facilities through the Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services and Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine respectively to improve the quality of healthcare services in Government Facilities. In the year 2015, this activity was initiated in Government District Head Quarters Hospitals. Since 2016, this activity gradually started in Sub District Hospitals, Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres in all Districts. In the year 2019, this initiative was extended to Health Sub Centres functioning as Health Wellness Centres.

Kayakalp Award Programme includes three levels of assessment i.e. Internal Assessment Peer Assessment and State External Assessment based on Kayakalp checklist which consists of 7 criteria – Hospital Up-keep, Health Promotion, Sanitation & Hygiene, Support Services, Waste Management, Infection Control and Cleanliness beyond boundary wall at facility level. As per the guidelines of Kayakalp and Swachhta, District/Regional/State Quality Assurance Unit is monitoring Kayakalp Award Programme in all Government Health Facilities every year. The facilities which are enrolled in Kayakalp internal and peer assessments are being supported with gap closure funds to correct the non-compliance based on Kayakalp checklist. Finally, the facilities scoring 70% above in Kayakalp State External Assessment will be shortlisted for Kayakalp Award / Certification.

Objective of the Activity

The objectives of award scheme are as under:

  1. To promote cleanliness, hygiene and infection control practices in Public Health Care Facilities.

  2. To incentivize and recognize such public healthcare facilities that show exemplary performance in adhering the standard protocols of cleanliness and infection control.

  3. To inculcate the culture of ongoing assessment and peer review of performance related to hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation.

  4. To create and share sustainable practices related to improved cleanliness in public health facilities linked to positive health outcomes.

Number of Awards:

  • Best two District Hospitals in the State.
  • Best two Community Health Centres/Sub District Hospitals in the State.
  • One Primary Health Centre in every district.

Award amount:

  • Based on the set criteria prize winners will receive a cash award with a citation.
  • Certificate of Commendation plus cash award would be given to such facilities that score over 70%.
Level of Facility Ranked Awards Certificate of Commendation
District Hospital Winner – Rs.50 lakh; Runner Up – Rs. 20 lakh Rs.3 lakhs
CHC & SDH Winner – Rs.15 lakh; Runner Up – Rs.10 lakh Rs.1 lakh
Primary Health Centr Winner – Rs.2 lakh (per district) Runner Up – Nil Rs.50,000
Urban CHC Winner – Rs. 15 lakh ; Runner Up – Rs.10 lakh Nill
Urban PHC Winner – Rs.2 lakh ; Runner Up – Rs.1.50 lakh Rs.50,000
HSC – HWC Winner – Rs.1 lakh (per district) Runner Up – Rs.50,000 (per district) Rs.25,000

ROP and Supplementary PIP Approval (Year wise from 2007 - 08 to 2020 - 21)

Year Approval Amount ROP Approval Amount_ SUP PIP
2007-2008 - -
2008-2009 - -
2009-2010 - -
2010-2011 - -
2011-2012 - -
2012-2013 - -
2013-2014 - -
2014-2015 - -
2015-2016 233.13 lakhs -
2016-2017 1205.02 lakhs -
2017-2018 NHM – 847.68 lakhs NUHM – 124.12 lakhs -
2018-2019 NHM – 496 lakhs NUHM – 160.31 lakhs -
2019-2020 NHM – 1734 lakhs NUHM – 361.23 lakhs -

Implementation of the Programme

  • All Secondary care and primary care facilities
  • DMS institutions: 31 District Headquarters Hospital, 278 Sub District Hospitals
  • DPH institutions: 385 Community Health Centre (CHC), 1422 Primary Health Centre (PHC), 15 Urban Community Health Centre (UCHC) and 420 Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC)

Physical Performance and Financial Performance (cumulative)

From the year 2015 to 2018, 26 District Head Quarters Hospitals, 102 Sub District (Taluk & Non-Taluk Hospitals), 207 Community Health Centres (CHCs) / Upgrade Primary Health Centres, 359 Primary Health Centres (PHCs), 5 Urban CHCs and 67 UPHCs have been awarded / certified with 70% above score under Kayakalp Programme in the State. During the year 2015-2018, Rs.2705.7 Crore been sanctioned of which Rs.2,100 Crore have been utilized for implementation of Kayakalp award programme in all facilities. 

G.O Obtained : G.O (Ms) No. 479 H&FW (EAP –II-1) Dept. Dt .18.12.2017

Final Outcome : Making all the Government health facilities as Kayakalp certified by 2021.