National Iodine Deficiency Disease Control Programme (NIDDCP)

The National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme is implemented in the State from 1991 and the state IDD Cell started functioning from 1.7.1994 onwards.


  • To promote consumption of iodised salt through various activities
  • To assess the magnitude of the Iodine deficiency disorders.


  • To identify the prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders through the surveys.
  • Conducting Health education session, IEC activities, advices on the dietary supplementation of iodised salt as a control measures.
  • Spot testing of the Salt samples for the retailers.
  • Spot testing of the kitchen salt samples
  • Testing of Non-Statutory salt samples in Food Analysis Laboratories and measuring the Iodine content in salt.
  • Supply of IEC materials to the PHCs for the conducting the regular awareness sessions.
  • Regular review of the programme at District Level by the Deputy Directors & at the State level by the Director.
  • Celebration of Global IDD prevention day throughout Tamil Nadu involving NGOs, Public, School Children for creating awareness among the community.

Notification of Govt

A notification under the prevention of Food Adulteration Act has been issued, banning the sale of Non-iodised salt for edible purposes. The Government have issued orders for sale of iodised salt through fair price shops by both Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies and Co-operatives in public distribution system in pouches in all districts.

Spot testing of the Salt samples for the retailers and spot testing of the kitchen salt samples are being done to assess the presence of iodine and know the availability and use of iodised Salt. During 2018, 14648 salt samples were tested from shops. In that 1970 samples are of nil iodine content, 1972 is less than 15ppm and 10706 is more than 15ppm. Now statutory salt samples are lifted and tested to know the iodine content in salt.

Non-Statutory salt samples are being lifted and sent to Food Analysis Laboratories for analysis to know the Iodine content in salt.Estimation of Urine Iodine Excretion done for 900 students in 3 districts.

Global IDD prevention day 2018 was celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu involving NGOs, Public, School Children for creating awareness among the community. First State Level Co-ordination Committee Meeting on National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Program (NIDDCP) conducted in 4th floor, Conference Hall, Secretariat, Chennai on 16.10.2018. Goitre survey will be conducted in five districts during 2018-19 as per the Govt. of India guidelines after receipt of funds from the Govt. of India. It is also planned to give wide publicity throughout the state about the importance of iodised salt to prevent iodine Deficiency Disorders among the community through Health education programmes in schools, Radio jingles, Television, Wall paintings, distribution of pamphlets, books etc., during Trade fair and other notified festivals.